Timber Reindeer FINISHED PIECE

Due to limited availability this item can only be ordered by contacting The Cheswick Company directly. Please e-mail cathy@cheswickcompany.com or call 860-669-9121.

This listing is for the FINISHED PIECE - Timber the Reindeer
14” tall to top of head (19” tall to top of antlers) – 12” long head to tail. He is a stately piece

I made him from wool felt and mohair
His blanket is made from wool felt and adorned with beading, dresden scraps, embroidery stitching and antique style brass bells
His bridle is made from gold cording, accented with dresden scraps
I made his antlers from tinsel stems, wire and floral tape...and then painted them
His eyes are opaque black glass and he has a pine wreath around her neck, tied with a taupe silk ribbon
He has a strap of rusty sleigh bells tied around his neck
He has stick legs

I made him in the spirit of antique german reindeer. It took quite a while to gather all of the perfect accessories to make Timber come together! He is "made to order" - specifically for you!

Many thanks for stopping by!


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