New Giveaways and A Wonderful Blog 05/03/2009

Good Morning~
Well...The Jar has been started and all of the names from the last post have been added~ thanks for all of your wonderful comments! If you don't know what I am talking about then you have to sign up on my mailing list!!
I speak of the MONTHLY BLOG . It's going to be GREAT FUN!!
Just post a comment to my blog, and you get your name added to the jar~ at the end of the month a name is plucked out for a free giveaway~ the more you post, the better your chances!!
Now I would like to share, what I think is an exceptional blog...
so visually inspiring...between Ideas and Photography.
I LOVE when people get creative and turn Ordinary into Extraordinary!!
Now for the interesting thing...It's a Wedding Blog~LOL! But you will see what I mean if you browse the hundreds of creative pictures~ and some ideas could be used in many situations~
Here are some creative ideas!
A Bouquet of Antique Button Flowers~ A Whimsical Wedding Invite~
Ultra Dapper socks for your Groom!
A Wedding in the Woods carrying a Bouquet of Succulents~ My favorite!!
And this could be your Alter!
Re-Paint the House for your Special Day~ I LOVE this one!!
The Grand Finale~ A Bouquet of Clip Art Butterflies~Gorgeous Simplicity at it's Best!
Enjoy all of the Creativity this Blog brings~ and PLEASE share it with a Creative Bride-to-be if you know one~
Have a Great Day!

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Theresa Meloon  05/04/2009 
Cathy I wish this blog was around a few years back when I got married... I just love the photos. :) 

Sarah  05/03/2009 
I LOVE this blog!!! Thanks Cath! 

Nancy M  05/03/2009 
Your Blog is very interesting, and has different view's on art, which is wonderful. 

Gracie Smart  05/03/2009 
I Love this Blog!! Thank you for your talents and sharing these wonderful places with us!! 

Jean C  05/03/2009 
Everything looks so Fresh, I love the little boy setting in the Bicycle basket, too cute. Great Blog! 

Sue P  05/03/2009 
I love the antique button flowers. So fresh and creative. Your website and blog are gorgeous, by the way. Thank you! 

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